Winter Sports Season Underway

Basketball, Bowling, Fencing and Squash


Isabelle Schlehr '17, Sports Writer

One month after winter sports started, matches, games and tournaments have begun. The winter sports offered include Varsity Bowling, JV Bowling, Squash, Fencing, Basketball, Crew and ABC.

Grace Heidinger ’18, member of the Bowling Team

Varsity Bowling started their season off with a great win against Cardinal O’Hara High School on November 15, 2016. The girls won all three matches and the series.

Varsity Bowling has had many games over the past month. December 6, the team played Mount Saint Mary, which is first in the league. The Varsity Bowling team lost all three of the matches and series. The girls made a valiant effort and had close scores in many of the matches. Grace Heidinger ’18, said “I think our first match went really well, we all worked together and supported each other on.”

Junior Varsity Bowling team has also had a great season with a win against Nardin.

Maia Dreishpoon new sophomore on the Squash Team.

December 6, SEM Varsity Squash played Nichols for the first match of the season. The team lost 1-6 but there was a great win by Lara Sherris ’17 , No. 6 on the ladder.

Sophomore newcomer Maia Dreishpoon, No. 9 on the ladder said “I was not expecting to be scared, I was expecting to be like WOO, Go team, Go Team. I was so scared. My head was in my hands the whole time.”

The team played really well and it was the first match of the season. December 9 and 10, Maia and the rest of the squash team will traveling to Mercersburg to play in a tournament. This tournament plays the top 9 on the ladder instead of the top 7 like most matches, thus everyone on the team will get an opportunity to play a match.

Dabin Han ’17, Captain of Fencing Team

Fencing’s first tournament is not until January but they are working hard to be ready. Captain Dabin Han ’17 said “We have a really large team this year. It is a lot bigger than it has even been before. Everyone has a really good attitude and we are doing really well right now. I think the tournament will go really great.”

Alison Gareis ’17, Co-Captain of the Basketball Team

Basketball’s first game was on Friday, December 9. Co-Captain Alison Gareis ’17 said before the game “The team has a lot of potential. I think we can win if we work together as a team and communicate well.”

The team of 15 athletes has students from all grades. Anastacia Earle ’17, a new member on the team, said “We practiced long and hard. Lots of blood, sweat and tears, and shin splints have went in to this. I think the game will go well. We are still learning but the more we practice, the better we get.” On Friday, December 9th, the Basketball team ended up winning their first game. At Kenmore High School, the team dominated against DaVinci High School with the score of 40-18.

Crew and Athletic Boot Camp (ABC) are offered as an alternative to winter sports that have games, matches, and tournaments. These teams still require a lot of effort and commitment.

Watch the upcoming matches and games in the week of December 12-16. To see when and where, please check the SEM sports calendar. 

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