Winter Gala 2016

Renamed from the traditional date dance.


Tessa Pszonak

SEM students from the Class of ’20 and their dates.

Emily Marie Jimenez, A&E Contributor

It was about 9:00 pm on Saturday, December 10 at Buffalo Seminary. Students and their dates slid and danced around to the beat of “Cheap Thrills” by Sia. Chaperoning faculty, including Mr. and Mrs. Silverstein, were off to the side at the entrance of the Chapel watching the sight of teenagers enjoying their night.

Smiles and laughter filled the spaces of the room. This was not Date Dance, but Winter Gala instead. The title of the dance changed to become more inclusive and not perpetuate the idea of needing a date for the dance. Seniors Alex Kane and Aerin Wagner organized the event along with the help of others and created a night of fun.

Amanda Lee ’17 at the Winter Gala, taken by Alex Kane

Prior to the dance, students around the school anticipated the dance with excitement. Katie Gibbons, a junior, expected it to be “the best Winter Gala yet.” In addition, she said she had hopes for the music to be better this year.  

Sophomores Mary Leslie and Thea Overdorf  discussed what they would suggest for the dance in a semi-loud Atrium: “Music that you can dance to. Something with a good beat.” The expectation of better music seemed to be a common wish among the students. 

The crowded space of the Study Hall where the dance was held in past years limited attendees. The thought of using the Chapel had been brought up before but this year the plan was finally approved. 

Leah Kramer ’17 and her date, taken by Alex Kane

As the night arrived, students and their dates appeared in beautiful outfits at the entrance of the school building. The below 30°F temperature did not stop girls from wearing their lovely dresses.

Snacks and drinks were arrayed in the gallery. Once making it to the second floor, one could have felt the energy of excited students dancing to their favorite songs.

The Christmas lights strung up alongside the dark walls of the Chapel lent to the”Yule Ball” theme, as well as the mini Christmas trees and fake snow on stage.

Pre-Winter Gala, taken by Emily Marie Jimenez
Winter Gala decorations, taken by Alex Kane

Sadly, the night came to a close at 10 pm exactly. Looks of exhaustion appeared on some students’ faces, but it was clear that many had enjoyed the night. Despite a majority of the students going home after the event to sleep, some chose to continue on. Students were seen seen walking down the streets of Elmwood Village to find some late night food while others carpooled to sleep over at a friend’s house.

Winter Gala raised $1,500 for prom and the event proved to be very successful. Katie McClenahan ’17 said, “I’m glad that our senior class was able to put up such a great Winter Gala as part of our legacy here.”