Who Will Win the Cup?

A Look Back on the Hornet Jacket Activities this Year and Sneak Peak for What is to Come.

For the past six months the Hornets and Jackets have been in an intense battle for the most prized possession in the SEM community: the Hornet/Jacket Cup. The competitions began on September 30, 2016 our beloved Hornet Jacket Day. It was full of dancing, tug-a-war and of course shaving cream. Hornet Captain Caroline Dunbar ’17 chose “Bad to the Bone “.  as the Hornet theme. Jacket Captain Lexi Kowalak ’17 chose “Jacket Fever.”  These themes put the teams on a mission to outdo each other in their dances.

Jacket captain Lexi Kowalek ’17 among seniors representing “Jacket Fever.”

Sophomores, juniors, and seniors all choreographed dances to music that was specific to their team’s theme. Freshman made their voice heard when they sang songs relating to each team. The results of the dances include Senior Hornets third place, sophomore Jackets second place, and the All Hornet dance first place. With these wins under their belt the points were set at 60 points for the Hornets and 25 points for the Jackets.

Hornet captain Caroline Dunbar ’17 and seniors being “Bad to the Bone.”

Next on the Hornet Jacket calendar was the first of two spirit weeks October 24 through the 31 concluded by the annual Halloween skits. This year Salad Dressing was the theme. Each day was a different type of dressing and the outfits the students and teachers wore corresponded with it. When the days were announced during morning meeting the chapel was filled with confused faces. How can you dress up like salad dressing? It was not until each day was explained when everyone was on board with the theme. Dressings included: Ranch (Cowboy Day), Caesar (Toga), Thousand Island (Hawaiian Day), Blue Cheese (Buffalo Day), and House Dressing (School Spirit Day).

SEM girls showing off their outfits for Thousand Island Dressing Day.

Spirit Week ended on Halloween where students and faculty dressed in costumes. During morning meeting on Halloween everyone was encouraged to join the parade around the chapel so everyone had the chance to show off their costume. Everyone was most excited for the end of the day and the Halloween skits. The skits this year ranged from stand-up comedy, magic show, rapping the alphabet and a skit reminiscing on the past year.

There can only be three winners in this competition and both teams gave it all they had. The results ended with senior Hornets 3d with their version of a “Year in Review,” Anna Brach a sophomore Jacket, 2d with her incredible magic tricks and finally Jade Johnson, a senior Hornet who rapped Alphabet Aerobics. With points added to each of the team it brought the points at Hornets with 90 and Jackets 45.

Blue Cheese Day girls were excited represent their city.

Between these too major events there have been mini competitions going on all throughout the year. Scavenger hunts relating to holidays have been held every other week. The scavenger hunt is usually pieces of paper with a picture on it that relates to a holiday or is sponsored by a club. There has been seven hunts this year. Each piece of paper should be put into the Hornet/Jacket jars that remain in the front office in order to receive points. Each team was able to collect around the same points for both but the Hornets are still in the lead by 67 points.

The Hornet Jacket Board is hard at work planning games to enhance our friendly competition. Trivia, Minute to Win It games and volleyball have been on the top of everyone’s mind. Both teams came out firing with these fun filled activities. At the end of the day points were evenly distributed to the teams as each team has their strengths and weaknesses. Jackets had focus and skill to earn points in the Minuet to win to games where as the Hornets knew their trivia. Although the Jackets were able to pull through and earn 76 points to the Hornet’s 75. With this activity filled day in the books the points now stand: Hornets 435 – Jackets 381.

For the remaining months left in school the Hornets and Jackets get super competitive as the day when the winner is announced is fast approaching them. Everyone looks forward to the second spirit week March 13 – 17. Its theme has yet to be announced.

Don’t worry Jackets, maybe the open day activities on Friday, February 18 closed the gap?

The most important day of the year is Putting on the Hits, our annual lip sync competition this year on June 1. This day is when the winner of the Cup is announced. So the only question that stands now is who will win the gold at the end of this school year?