Who Done It? SEM Freshmen Know


Friday, May 4, the Class of 2021 hosted the first ever murder mystery party at SEM.

Beauty Pageant contestants.

Eva Maines, along with the help of her class officers, wanted to do something nice for their class as the year winds down. So, they organized a murder mystery party. The class collectively voted on Beauty Pageant Mystery Party and worn their best finery for the event. Almost all of the class showed up to roleplay as characters including beauty pageant contestants (in gowns and tiaras), judges, sleuths, and… a killer.

The evening started out as a pre-pageant dinner in the atrium with all of the contestants of the Miss America Beauty pageant. Everyone was enjoying their dinner and conversations with one another until suddenly, about halfway through the dinner, one of the contestants was killed.

Tina Texas (Tia Browder ’21) was found in the middle of the atrium floor with questions surrounding her as to what happened and who did it. Following the unexpected death of Tina, Patty Pageant (Harvey ’21) and Judge Jasmine (Auguste Maines ’21) gave speeches which could potentially help solve the what seemed to be a murder.

After the contestants closely listened to the speeches, they put pieces together and discovered that Amy Arizona (Dori Bwenge ’21) was the murderer. “It was really fun because it bonded our class a lot more and there was good food. It made more memories for our class to look back on,” said Clara Murphy ’21.

At the scene of the murder.

Everyone in attendance had a great time solving a mysterious murder and spending quality time together. “It was generally just a really fun game night with snacks and bonding for my class to enjoy,” said Eva.