What is Available at the Holiday Bazaar?

Why does Holiday Bazaar exist?

What is Available at the Holiday Bazaar?

Lauren Pollina, Contributor

Science Club at Bazaar
Science Club at Bazaar

The Class of 2017 invites you to Buffalo Seminary’s Holiday Bazaar on Saturday, December 10 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM at Buffalo Seminary.

Students have been brainstorming items and contacting companies to attract visitors to buy their items. The money used for purchasing goes towards the class or club selling the item.

This fundraiser is very important to the student body because Bazaar is the only day where students can earn money for their classes which goes towards class trips, the graduation gift, the winter gala and prom. Clubs use their earnings to buy crucial items like books for Book Club, and to pay for competitions or conferences like Chess Club’s competitions.

Visit us at the Bazaar in the library! The Buffalo Seminary Alumnae Association (BSAA) sponsors the Bazaar and there will also be local vendors throughout the school selling handmade items. 

The junior class is selling poinsettias and and senior class is selling wreaths for the holiday season. Purchases must be placed by tomorrow, December 6 here on SEM’s website. The poinsettias and wreaths will be given to you at the Holiday Bazaar.

Decorated wreaths:

20”-22” for $24

24”-26” for $25

32”-36” for $32


4.5” for $6

6.5” for $10

7.5” for $15

What are SEM classes and clubs selling?

Model UN will sell these SEM window clings - transparent and legal!
Model UN will sell these SEM window clings – transparent and legal!

Senior Class: SEM water bottles and SEM gloves

Junior Class: SEM pillowcases, SEM hair ties, laptop cases

Sophomore Class: Pom-pom SEM winter hats

Freshman Class: Snowman soup in mugs

Chess Club: SEM keychains and cookies

Science Club: Syringe pens and cookies

Drama Club: Notebooks

Book Club: A blind date with a book

Justice League: SEM lawn chairs

Model UN: SEM window clings

Seminaria: Yearbook lines, pages, ads

Design Club: SEM travel sewing kit