Want to be a Hero at SEM? Try Donating Blood!

SEM’s first Unyts blood donation of the year is here!


Katherine Nebbia ’19 and Deanna Abdellatif ’19, two members of the Donate Life Club, share Donate Life’s mission at SEM’s Open House

Sarah Wright, Teacher

While some people don capes and masks to become heroes, the SEM Community has a different definition of hero. At Buffalo Seminary, students can be someone’s hero and support their local community by giving the gift of life through blood donation. Join SEM’s Donate Life Club on Friday, October 27th from 8:30-3:30 for their very first Unyts blood drive of the school year.

The blood drive is open to students ages 16 (with parental permission) and older, faculty, staff, and parents. For those who are unable to donate, there are opportunities to support the blood drive through volunteering with signups, snacks, and more. This year, Donate Life will be holding a raffle where those who participate in the drive, even if they do not have a successful donation, will be entered to win a variety of prizes. To help support the SEM Community in having successful donations, the Donate Life Club will offer iron-rich snacks during the lunch periods in addition to the school’s regularly provided meals.

Students, faculty, staff, and parents can signup for the blood drive in one of three ways. There will be a list posted in SEM’s main corridor for people to sign up by hand. This signup list will be updated to coordinate with the other two means of signing up. There is also a link for people to sign themselves up on the Unyts website. Click here to signup online and for additional information. Finally, those who have access to neither the paper signup nor the online signup can email the club’s faculty sponsor for more information and available signup times at [email protected] Signups are first-come, first-served. Sign up now, be a hero and save some lives!