The Weeks That Were – Welcome SUMMER Edition

Erin Kelly, Managing Editor

This final SEM Weekly of the 2016-17 school year has two contributions by students: SEM Weekly intern LucyMarie Gaulin ’17 worked for weeks on a graduation special of profiles of the individual girls in the Class of 2017, and Amber Ye ’17 takes us to her senior internship at the Just Buffalo Writing Center, where students from all over the city meet after school to write.

Each year, Commencement is captured professionally on video so families can be in the moment instead of trying to film it. The video will be available on the Buffalo Seminary YouTube channel here as soon as the videographer has completed its production. The videographer, Key Productions, has also set up a webpage to purchase the video on DVD or USB/flash drive. Please call the Main Office if you have any questions.
Class Day and Putting on the Hits video is now on the student/parent portal.
All still photography by me, Michele Goldfarb and Ettore Winter is available on Vidigami accessible to parents and students; much is also on SEM’s Facebook.

Lost and found items such as books, notebooks, clothing, water bottles, eyeglasses, etc. have been collected and are currently located on the tables in the Study Hall. All lockers are in the process of being cleaned out. You have until Thursday June 22 at 3 PM to claim your belongings; after Thursday, all items will be donated.

Look out for an important package of school forms to arrive in the mail shortly – among other items it will contain health forms, summer reading instructions and a calendar for the 2017-18 school year.

You can put a girl in a SEM classroom who otherwise would not be able to attend. Your gift to SEM will have an immediate impact on a young girl’s life and the woman she is meant to be.

Please remember to make an annual fund gift to SEM. If you have already, thank you!