The Spring Play is on its Way!

“Our Town” by Thornton Wilder: March 2-4, 2017


The cast and crew of the Spring Production “Our Town”

When Susan Drozd announced the spring play at Morning Meeting on Monday, January 23 the chapel was filled with gasps and excitement. “You could feel the anticipation in the air” said Anna Brach ’19.

After Ms. Drozd posted the sign-up sheet students rapidly signed up at any time they could get their hands on. What about this show has created so much enthusiasm to the students? Ms. Drozd recently read “Our Town” with her Dead Playwrights class this fall.

As I auditioned and already have read the play, it made it easy and hard. I knew which tones to use and how to express what the characters are saying. At the same time, it was harder since I had the knowledge of what happened before that moment and what happens after the moment, said Amanda Lee ’17.

When Ms. Drozd announced we were doing “Our Town” I was immediately excited because I fell in love with the play while reading it in class. I knew I had to be a part of the production. When auditioning, I was nervous but because I already knew the play I felt more comfortable with the monologue.

“I am sure the play is wonderful but I think it is the SEM theater community and the overall welcoming spirit that make people want to audition,” said Grace Cloherty ’17.

The spring production of “Our Town” welcomes new and returning cast and crew. “I am really looking forward to see SEM’s adaptation of the show” said Leah Kramer ’17.  In another version of that sentiment, Anya Casey said, “I am very excited to see my friends perform and bring the characters to life.” The play will be performed on March 2, 3 and 4.

“If there is a good story going on at SEM, I would love to be a part of it.””

— Sophia Vaquero '19