The NEW SEM Weekly

Letter from the Editor

Erin Kelly, Editor

SEM Weekly is now the product of our new journalism elective class.  Student journalists are hard at work to publish SEM Weekly every Sunday night.  It’s a work in progress and our newspaper will get better and better each week. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the SEM website are still excellent sources of daily news. All of the links on the front page of this newspaper will take you there.

The class is divided into two teams.  While one team is planning and reporting, the other team is finalizing and editing stories for that week’s edition.  Team 2 gamely volunteered to go first.  This week they contributed sports stories about golf and soccer, two theatre stories, an examination of club sign-up day and news about Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper’s recent international award and what it means to SEM. There’s so much to cover at SEM at the beginning of the school year. I’m proud of what they captured so far. We look forward to reporting on academics, fashion, food, field trips and residential life.

TEAM 2: LucyMarie Gaulin, Jesse Sloier, Rebecca Thomas, Jennifer Weber and Elisa Yi are general assignment reporters and editors. Jenna Al-Naji and Brooke Gannon are the sports staff.

Stay tuned for next week’s edition of SEM Weekly made by TEAM 1: Sara Caywood, Mikang Kim, Leah Kramer, Aerin Wagner and Danyun “Chris” Wu  are general assignment reporters and editors. Anya Roy and Kyra Fogg are the sports reporters and editors.

I recommend using the “agenda” view of the highlights calendar. The All-School calendar is available at under “Quicklinks.”


sem-weekly-at-work-smallerAnya Roy, Aerin Wagner, Chris Wu, Leah Kramer, Mikang Kim, Sara Caywood, Kyra Fogg, LucyMarie Gaulin, Becca Thomas, Jesse Sloier, Jennifer Weber, Elisa Yi. Out of the frame are Brooke Gannon and Jenna Al-Naji.