The Day that SEM Soccer Won the Championships

Mikang Kim '17, Residential Life Reporter

On normal weekend mornings in school campus, I wake up about at 11:00AM, eat brunch and enjoy the sunshine in the afternoon. Instead of this, On October 30, I woke up at 8:00 AM, took a shower, and went to the All-Catholics, group B championship at Niagara University. Even though I’m usually not interested in sports, I was super excited to watch the game because it was a championship. I imagined myself under the sunny, but chilly weather-which is perfect weather for a game-but the day was cloudy and grey; it was going to rain at any moment. People in the stands brought their blankets, jackets, and hot coffees to stay warm during the game.

The audience gathered to supported SEM soccer team at Niagara University.

The audience gathered to support SEM soccer team at Niagara University.

The game started at 10:04 AM. SEM students, faculty, and families supported the team by wearing SEM gear and cheering in a variety of ways. The vuvuzela blown by Caroline Dunbar ’17 had a large impact; it gathered everyone’s attention in the stands. SEM students shouted, “I believe that we will win,” and “Go SEM!” while waving the red sign up in the air. A few minutes later, Sophia Vaquero made SEM’s first goal, heating up SEM supporters in the stands. “We believe in red,” shouted Rebecca Thomas ‘17.

Awesome cheering section of SEM girls.

At 10:45 AM, the first goal from Cardinal O’Hara increased tension in the field. “This game is intense” said senior Emily Marie Jimenez. Holding on to 1:1 tie, the first half was over at 10:49AM. It started to rain, and people started to take their rain coats and umbrellas out. Although it was getting cold, the audience kept their seats to support SEM soccer team.

As the second half of the game started, the audience watched in silence. “SEM is crushing it out here today,” said Emily Broxup ‘17.

Whenever Cardinal O’Hara tried to make a goal, SEM goalkeeper, Grace Cloherty ‘17, blocked perfectly heating up both the field and the stand. At 11:43 AM, the game was still tied, and the second half was over. After 10 minutes of break, we moved to the first 10 minutes of overtime. It was intense. Everyone was watching the overtime, even the soccer team from Nardin Academy who had their game after SEM versus Cardinal O’Hara.

“It was worth missing the bills game” said Theresa Pszonak ‘17. Leaving 6 minutes and 41 seconds, German residential student Malena Weber ’19, made the second goal leading to the victory of SEM. The whole team gathered and had a huge group hug in the middle of the field. Few minutes later, SEM girls from the stands also ran to the field to join the group hug. It was like a festival where everyone was screaming, jumping and clapping with happy faces. “We are the best team!” said Caroline Dunbar.

The SEM Soccer team is making a group hug after their second goal.

The SEM Soccer team is making a group hug after their second goal.