TBT to Childhood Trends

Throwback to your old childhood trends.

Throwback to old trends. Photo from Spotify.

Throwback to old trends. Photo from Spotify.

Brook Sillart, Student Writer

Flashback to middle school. It turns out that what we thought was cool was awkward.  Picture yourself rocking your side ponytail and topping it off with sequined headband with clips all over. These trends were mostly followed by girls but there were some trends that boys followed like Club Penguin, Webkinz, Silly Bandz and Heelys.  These trends ranged from 2006-2012.     

Colorful Braces.  Some kids were lucky enough to have straight teeth but for the kids that had to go through braces it is quite the process.  Just about every month there was a check-up to get bands changed.  This was such a hard decision determining what color to pick for the braces.  Getting rainbow pattern or any other bright pattern was a must.  No one ever went to the orthodontist to just get clear bands.  The bands would have to match the holiday coming up: for example, red and green for Christmas.    

Typical braces pattern. Photo from Pinterest

Club Penguin.  This is the social media for elementary school kids.  Kids had the option of picking the color of their penguin; any color of the rainbow could be picked as the coat.  Every member receives an igloo, one background and a hat.  The penguins can play different games like a sledding or surf some waves.  Penguins could work in a pizza shop or coffee bean.  Everyone would get together and meet in the center of town to chat with friends.  All the penguins could chat with one another simply by typing a sentence.  Penguins could even get their own pet which is called a Puffle.  This is a game had kids rushing home from school to go play with their penguins.  Unfortunately Club Penguin will be closing March 29, 2017.  Go play while the world is online.

The town center in Club Penguin. Photo from Rebel Penguin Federation

Emma Brentjens ‘17 is a huge Club Penguin fan her penguin is 10-years-old. “Club Penguin was the first online game I every played and I was borderline obsessed. It kind of taught me how to interact with people on the internet.  As cliche as it sounds, it was actually a big part of my childhood.  Luckily it’s closing after our generation’s time with it. I am still sad though.”  


A patterned pair of fake glasses. Photo from Claire’s.


Fake Glasses.  Seeing middle school kids with glasses did not always mean they were real.  Many times girls would go out and buy fun neon printed glasses because they thought having glasses was cool.  Girls wanted to make the nerd look rock.  



Classic pair of Heelys. Photo from Heelys.

Heelys.  These were the ultimate sneakers to have they turned regular kids into skaters.  Why walk to places when you can just wheel there?  The bottom of the shoe had a compartment where a wheel could tuck in or pop out. Periodically, Heelys were banned from elementary school because they sneakers were considered unsafe and left scuff marks on the floor.   

Pullquote Photo

It’s what all the cool people had and when I got my first pair, even though I could not successfully Heely,  my confidence was really high.”

— Clare von Simson '17

Sequin Headbands.  These headbands were a hot hit in middle school.  These were a perfect accessory to go with side bangs or a side ponytail.  No matter how the hair looked adding a sequined headband made it perfect.  These sequined headbands had to be bought at Claire’s.  These headbands came in almost every color.  No matter what the color was these bands were the only hair item to be worn.  

Side Bangs.  Almost every girl begged their mothers in middle school to get these bangs.  These were one of the biggest hairstyle fails for our time.  Once this fad became old and uncool they were still with you until the bangs grew out.  Growing out these strands of hair did not seem like a big deal but it was. Bangs were styled in many ways: one way was just leaving them and not doing anything to them. Another way was taking a headband and have the bangs hang outside of it or even clipping the bangs to the slide with a bobby pin.

Side Ponytails. Let’s get real. Every girl wore their hair like this in some point in middle school.  The higher and the more to the side the ponytail was the better.  There were tricks to get the perfect ponytail. One that really helped was putting the hair up while being upside down.  There was always a plethora of bobby pins all around your head to hide the bumps and keep small hairs from falling out. 

Silly Bandz. These were rubber bands came in different shapes and colors.  The packs ranged from movie themes to sports and animals; almost every theme imaginable could be purchased.  Everyone came to school with their wrists full.  People traded one another to get best or most rare bandz.  The worst moment for these banz is when one would break in half.  This was a major setback for big time traders.  This was a late elementary and early middle school hot item.  People would go crazy to get these bandz. It was a lucky day it find a band on the ground that was not broken.

Suspenders. It was a girl thing to wear suspenders.These now wacky items seem so foreign to us but used to be a top hit. Claire’s was the hottest store to buy these accessories.  What seem like a major nerd article of clothing was a top statement.  Suspenders come in many different colors and patterns and were the perfect item to pair with fake glasses.  

An average pair of suspenders. These are piano key patterned. Photo from Claire’s


The map of Webkinz World. Photo from Homeschooling Teen.










Webkinz. These were not just any ordinary stuffed animals – they had a life on their own.  A tag was needed to gain access to the Webkinz world to play with them online. With every adoption a special present was given to every animal that included a balloon, a rare gift, a cupcake and kinzcash. The animals could visit the arcade to play games and there are daily games like the Wheel of Wow, Wishing Well or even Jumbleberry Fields.  

One of the greatest successes was to the receive the Crown of Wonder which gems had to be mined for and once all the gems were collected the crown was reward.  People can add friends to their Webkinz phone and later go into a chat room to hangout or compete with them in the Tournament Arena. The best part of Webkinz was having the most animals. Back in 2008 the large Webkinz animals were $20 and small animals were $15. Now you can buy a Webkinz for less than $5.

“I wish we could go back to the old trends because kids now a days there all worried about social media we literally just had these random things and now it’s just social media and it’s so boring,” said a wistful Samantha Burlow ’17.