Snowball: Did the Playlist Ice it?

Snowball, formerly known as date dance, took place in Buffalo Seminary’s chapel on Saturday, December 2, from 7 to 10 pm.  Since then it has been the talk of the school. While many students raved about the experience, others said the night was a disappointment – all because of the playlist.

The woodland theme of Snowball was executed with a ten-foot tree, white lights, fake snow, fire logs, and garland.

After a week of seniors submitting their favorite songs to create the perfect Snowball playlist, it was scrapped. It came as a surprise. About two hours before the dance began, the dance committee was notified via email from senior dean and dance chaperone Jessica Silverstein that the playlist was modified to ensure that songs were “clean.”

SEM senior Molly Doyle has attended date dance three times. Molly knows the fundraiser benefits her class, yet still wished that the night had gone differently. “The music was hard to deal with as a person in the crowd, because when your favorite song was on the playlist, and not played, it was frustrating.”

Mrs. Silverstein stressed that “no one is going to be happy with every song” in the email, but many students were upset.

The Snowball heads: Shelby, Natalia and this reporter, said they recall explicit music at previous dances and said they were under the impression that the songs did not need to be clean.

Shelby Kmidowski ’18 and date Trevor Brill pose in front of a photo backdrop at the dance. This feature was a highlight.

Mrs. Silverstein said she wants students to understand that although modern music can be good to dance to, it can be inappropriate for school sponsored events. Mrs. Silverstein said with a laugh, “students don’t realize how gross your favorite songs are.”

Some students enjoyed Snowball as it provided a fun environment on a cold December night. First time attendee Eva Maines ’21 said, “It was fun talking to people without school happening.”  In regards to the music, Eva said she “didn’t really notice” it.

The dance was financially successful and added over $1000 to the senior class fund. The money will most likely be directed toward prom.

SEM senior and a member of the Snowball committee, Shelby Kmidowski ’18 looked back on the night with some regret. “I think it’s hard to put so much work into something for it to be ruined. Well not ruined, but be a letdown because of something like the music.” Clearly vexed by how the night unfolded, Shelby, an involved member of the Prom Committee, hopes that people remember the good parts of the night and attend other school dances in the future.

Grace Heidinger ’18 (left) and Cienna Certo ’18 (right) are both heads of prom and were all smiles at the fundraiser.

Mrs. Silverstein said she thought this year was a huge success because there were many people were on the dance floor all night long. Mrs. Silverstein praised the dance committee members for their handiwork because “the chapel looked beautiful and the concessions were wonderful.”

Alicia Land ’17 had no complaints about the playlist and busted a move!

Although Snowball received negative feedback, good times were shared between people in the form of a lucrative fundraiser for prom. As Molly said, “It has its wins and its losses. In the end, the turnout was good and it’s going to help out for our prom in many ways.”