Senior Bowler Reflection

Last game as a Red-Tailed Hawk.


On Valentine’s Day the bowling team had the Monsignor Martin High School Athletics Association All-Catholics at the Classic Lanes in Tonwanda. It was also the senior game for Jenna Al-Naji,  Maddy Leary and LucyMarie Gaulin. That evening the team placed 4th out of 8 teams. They have reflected on their last match as a Red-Tailed Hawk, as none of them play a spring sport.

I’m really going to miss it next year!”

— LucyMarie Gaulin'17

Jenna Al-Naji ’17

Jenna, whose sister Hiba Al-Naji ’14 created the bowling team, is now its captain. She started on JV in her freshman year. She described the All-Catholics result as okay but said results aren’t the only reason to play . “It was not our best game but we all played well and had fun. That’s all that matters.”  Next year will be the first year of the SEM bowling team without an Al-Naji on it.  Jenna is not overly sentimental though. “It was a pleasure having an Al-Naji on the team every year but good luck and we will be there in spirit.” Jenna’s career high was 180!

Maddy Leary ’17

Despite Maddy only being on the team for one year, she is a valued and spirited member of the SEM bowling team.  “I was a little disappointed when I was not played for my last game ever but overall, I think it went okay,” she said. Maddy’s career high was 152.

Seniors LucyMarie, Jenna (captain) and Maddy.

LucyMarie has been a valuable member of the bowling team since she joined in her sophomore year. “I think that overall all we had a really amazing season. We did not play our best games in the championship but we still played strong,” she said. LucyMarie’s career high was 167.

According to, “Experienced league bowlers tend to bowl between 205 and 225 per game, with professionals slightly higher at 230 to 250.” They add: “It is very difficult to bowl a perfect game (300) The highest average score for a professional bowler in 2009 was 222.34 for Bill O’Neil, according to Bleacher Report.”

All the seniors wish good luck to the bowling team next year.