SEM’s Sailing Makes Waves in The Buffalo News

Julia Beck ’20 and Isabel Finkbeiner ’19 high five after completing a race last Friday.

The Buffalo News interviewed students apart of the Buffalo Yacht Club’s High School Sailing Program last Friday 22, 2017 and our own Penny Joseph ’21 was mentioned all throughout the story.

SEM’s varsity sailing team was competing in the weekly Friday regatta when they were questioned for the article that was published this Tuesday. The girls were excited about the interviewing process. “It made them feel famous,” said Maddie Love ’19. “Hopefully the article will start to give sailing some publicity.”

The SEM sailing team meets every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with some occasional regattas that take place on the weekends. The girls sail from 3:30 pm to 7:00 pm allowing them to have a lot of practice on the boats. Other varsity teams including Canisius, Nichols, Park, Frontier, and City Honors all sail on those days too. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, St. Joe’s and the Williamsville Schools District meet. The program overall contains 55 students with our SEM team making up 10 of those.

Penny, who is in her first year of learning how to sail, was not only talked about in the first sentence of the story but was the final quote. She talked to the news reporter while she was waiting for her turn to get on the next boat. Penny explained to him what it was like being new to the sport and how fun it was being apart of such a welcoming team. When the story was published she was surprised to see that she had made it onto the front cover of the sports section in the Buffalo Newspaper that Tuesday morning. “It’s just so crazy to believe that it’s my first three weeks of freshman year and I have already been in the news,” she said joyfully. “Joining this team has taught me so many new things and just excited to learn more.”

Here is the link to the Buffalo News article-

Syd Adams ’18 and Grace Cannon ’19 finishing their roll tack to get around the mark.