SEM Students Embrace Our Diverse Community Through Food

SEM’s 2017 International Dinner is March 9.


Tessa Pszonak

2016 SEM French Girls lead French Club members in the ‘Can-can.’

New smells fill the SEM air as the atrium is transformed into a colorful, reimagined space with exotic foods, activities and music.

SEM students will be able to go around the world with friends, family, peers, and teachers at the International Dinner on Thursday, March 9 from 5-7.  “It’s a way for the SEM community to celebrate and acknowledge its diversity by coming together to enjoy a night full of fun and food!” said International Club president Jenna Al-Naji ’17.

Students are encouraged and assigned to make dishes for the International Dinner for all to enjoy.

Freshman: Main dishes

Sophomore: Appetizers

Junior: Salads

Senior: Desserts

It’s a time to celebrate our own diversity and learn new things about cultures around the world.”

— Sophie Mielnicki '17

The dishes don’t necessarily have to be cultural food but it is highly recommended. Organizers agree that the hardest part of the dinner is ensuring that there will be enough food for all the attendees.

The night of cultural appreciation is also filled with crepe making, trivia, arts and crafts, Zumba,  a photo booth and a talent show where students can exhibit their skills from their cultural origins.  “My favorite part of the International Dinner is probably the talent show because I love seeing what creative things the girls at our school can do,” said French Club president Sophie Mielnicki ’17.  The French students last year taught the “Can-Can” to French Club members and they all performed the dance during the talent show.


Seniors Emma Brentjens, Olivia Miller, Jenna Al-Naji and Emily Marie Jimenez decorate masks at the arts and crafts table at the 2016 International Dinner.
Tessa Pszonak
2016 – SEM students filled their plates with food from around the world.