SEM Shone at the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools Event

Olivia Haas from the National Coalition of Girls' Schools presentation was enriched by SEM girl participation.

Erin Kelly, Managing Editor

Seniors Clare von Simson and Olivia Miller held a question and answer session about all-girls school with Olivia Haas.


Tracy, Sarah and Emily Marie as Caesar, Hamlet and Iago opened the program.

SEM girls gave of themselves to SEM (some of them for the last time) as performers, speakers, and ever gracious Red Key, when Olivia Haas, director of strategic communications and research at the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools (NCGS) presented on April 27, 2017.

Emily Marie, Sarah Hamdan, and Tracy Clark performed monologues as Iago, Hamlet and Caesar. Clare von Simson and Olivia Miller presented and held a Q&A with Oliva Haas of the NCGS. The Red Key kept it all looking sharp, feeling cordial, and sounding sophisticated.
Catherine Wang entertained the crowd without sheet music for about an hour before the event began.
For infographics on the All-Girl Advantage, produced with the results of the NCGS studies, click here; to see the reports, click here.
Red Key was resplendent.