SEM Goes the Mini Maker Faire

SEM freshmen presented 16 projects at the Buffalo Mini Maker Faire on Saturday at Park School.

This year, we had six Coding, four Engineering, and six Maker entries. As well as appearing at the Faire, students had to narrate videos about their projects. It’s an exhibition for the public but it’s also a competition for the freshman STEAM awards.

Each year SEM’s freshmen take one trimester (about eight classes) in each of the following topics: Intro to Coding; Intro to Engineering; and Intro to the Maker Movement. It provides a foundation for the four-year computer science curriculum SEM now offers.

The freshman curriculum was developed to offer basic hands-on instruction in each subject and to explore the career opportunities. Our hope is to create interest while our girls are young enough to be able to delve deeper in subsequent years.  In order to keep them interested, we do the STEAM Awards as a friendly internal competition.

We asked six WNY professionals in the respective STEAM fields to evaluate the projects at the Faire, a fun and creative environment.

The STEAM Awards will be given to the best in each of the three categories during an extended Morning Meeting on May 25. Parents of winners will be notified ahead of time.