Sarah Hamdan ’18 Wins Regional Shakespeare Competition


Erin Kelly, Managing Editor

SEM junior Kailyn Lane ’19 also competed with a monologue from Measure for Measure and Sonnet 55, Not marble nor the gilded monuments.

On Saturday, February 24, senior Sarah Hamden took the stage in SEM’s chapel. Reciting Sonnet 23, As an unperfect actor on the stage, and arguably the most famous Shakespeare monologue of all time, Hamlet’s To be, or not to be, she won the 2018 Niagara Frontier Shakespeare Competition.

Sarah and Kailyn Lane ’19 won an internal SEM competition before competing for the regional contest. Students from Starpoint High School and Kenmore West also competed.

Kailyn had a big weekend. As a starter on SEM’s basketball team played in the All-Catholic Class B semifinals vs. Nardin Academy the next day.

Alex Ehrenberg of Starpoint went with another big monologue as King Lear. We also heard monologues from Much Ado About Nothing, Titus Andronicus and Julius Caesar.

Sarah will next perform at national competition of The English Speaking Union of the United States (ESU) held at Lincoln Center in New York City this spring.  The ESU estimates that about 2,500 teachers and 20,000 students in nearly 60 ESU Branch communities participate each year.