Ready, Set, Row

First Race of the Season

Brooke Gannon, sports editor

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img_0025September 24, SEM’s varsity rowing team competed in the first race of the fall season in Welland, Ontario.

As the rowers waited patiently for their race they prepared their equipment, minds and bodies.

Finally it was 10:15 AM.  As we carried the heavy boat on our shoulders down to the dock the coxswain Anya Roy ’17 called, “Up over heads, toes to the edge, roll it out and in,” and the boat landed in the water without a splash.

We quickly pushed off the dock and began our journey down to the start line. Ports back, starboard row, we spun the boat to get in position lining up by bow numbers. The wind started pushing our boat into the shoreline suddenly there was a jumbled mess of boats fighting to push away from the shoreline as the wind grew stronger. Inching closer and closer to the starting line the pressure starts to build with Fatima Siddiqui ’17 setting the pace for the rest of the boat. ”You’re on!” yells the official as we pass through the starting buoy.

All eight rowing full pressure, pushing off our legs and leaning back into the wind the first 1000 felt like nothing. We pass through the first bridge with four more to go – holding off the competing boats behind us. We pass through the final bridge seeing the familiar sight of boat trailers and team tents I knew we were almost done. 1000 meters. 750 meters. 500 meters. The final 250. This was our sprint our time to empty our tanks and give it everything we had left. The last few meters seemed to have slipped my mind. As our coxswain tells us to paddle I feel the pressure quickly ease off.


Anya Roy ’17, Fatima Suddiqi ’17, Brook Sillart ’17, Katie Kraft ’18, Melanie Tunkey ’18, Anya Casey ’19, Carolina Hannon ’19, Krissy Borowiak ’19.