Ping Pong and Chess Updates

SEM’s First Ping Pong Team and the Chess Club is Going to Super Nationals!


Aerin Wagner, Contributor

Ping Pong club captain Betty Kwon ’19 went to the finals at the club’s at first public tournament in October, 2016 at 43 North HQ.

SEM’s Ping Pong club began for this year by Betty Kwon ‘18, and they have been actively competing in different tournaments.  The club was very popular throughout the school, and had thirty members sign up, in addition to the President and Vice President.

On March 18, they went to the MatchPoint TTC Spring 2017 Tournament in Rochester.  In the High School division, Betty ’18 won the second place, and Shannon Shao got the third place.

The club members are:

Betty Kwon (President) ‘18, Jiani Lu (Vice President) ‘18, Shannon Shao, Jessie Huang, Becky Zhu ‘17, Miriam Ings, Sarah Hamdan ‘18, Veronica Zhang, Mikang Kim ‘17, Emma Brentjens ‘17, Nicole Nobrega ‘19, Danyun Wu ‘17, Dabin Han ‘17, Enya Cirillo ‘17, Tess Rine ‘18, Kathleen Greenman, Elisa Yi ‘18, Justine Rodriguez ‘17, Mary Shen ‘17, Zoey Liu, Nia Massey, Rachel Boeck, Elissa Szymczak, Mary Curtin, Irene Zhang, Jenna Al-Naji ‘17, Erin Griffis, Jenna Pantano, Caroline Dunbar ‘17, Grace Cloherty ‘17, Vicky Liu ‘17, Angela Shi ’17

While many of the seniors make up the ping pong team now, the enthusiasm and success of the team will definitely continue onto next year.

Best of luck next year!


Mikang Kim ’17, Maddy Cherr ’18, Aurora Kraus ’18, and Emma Brentjens ’17 are currently practicing for the super nationals in Nashville on May 11, thanks to a generous anonymous donor who made this trip possible.

“The chess club hopes to expand and grow in the future with hopefully future interactions with other chess clubs in the private school area,” said Mr. Cirillo, the club adviser and father of Enya Cirillo ’17.  “Though it’s hard to keep up the chess club since there are so many sports at SEM and competitions, and preparing for those competitions.  He hopes the club will sustain itself in the future and let other girls experience chess.”

The team is currently focusing on super nationals, and getting as much practice in as they can.  Good luck to the chess team!