New Year, Same Tradition


Sophomore Jackets cheer the dances on Larkin Field.

Friday, September 15, marked the 101st anniversary of the Hornet/Jacket Day traditions: the class sleepovers (by team), the morning parade around Elmwood Village, followed by team dances and competitions and team claiming at Larkin Field. The day features lots of shaving cream and many rounds of tug-of-war. SEM faculty and students filled with stress and excitement as the day crept closer. Falling two weeks earlier on the calendar than usually, students and faculty had less time to prepare for the day – the creation of song mixes, dances, and costumes began immediately as school did.

Each class was filled different emotions as some faced their last Hornet/Jacket Day, while others faced their first.

Shelby Kmidowski ’18 and her teammates performing their dance

Senior Hornet Captain, Shelby Kmidowski was anxious, to say the least. Her goal was to make the day as fun as it could be for everyone in the school. “I want to have fun with it because it’s a school tradition that nobody else has,” said Shelby. Although she looked forward to Hornet/Jacket Day itself, she looked forward to taking a nap following the tiring day, just as much. “It’s more exhausting than we think it is,” said Shelby.

Kailyn Lane ’19 showing pride in her team

Junior Jacket, Kailyn Lane was most excited for the sleepover leading up to the day where there would be dance parties and deep conversations with her fellow Jackets. “Pulling an all-nighter with my gal pals,” said Kailyn, is her favorite part of the festivities. As for her team dance, she anticipated waiting until the night before to get it done. “I’ll really be excited Friday morning at 2:00 a.m,” she said.

Eloise Fisher ’20(left) and Mick Tesluck ’20 (right)

Sophomore Hornet, Mick Tesluck, wanted as much sleep as she could get leading up to Hornet/Jacket Day because she knew she would not get any sleep the night before. Along with learning her dance, Mick had to prepare her sponsees’ costume. Mick remembers being dressed up as a blue crayon her freshman year. “I’m ready to have a good time,” she said.

Katie Pohlman ’21 after sliding through shaving cream

Not really knowing what to expect, freshman Hornet, Katie Pohlman was excited and nervous for her first Hornet/Jacket Day. Learning the freshman songs which included remixes to That’s What I Like, Sk8er Boi and Bodak Yellow were number one on her to do list. These songs are written and taught to the freshman by members of the Hornet Jacket Board. Katie knew going into the day that she was going to be a Hornet because of her sister, Brooke Pohlman. “I just hope my friends are Hornets too,” she said.

A lot of preparation goes into this day as emotions ranged from stressed to anxious to excited as Hornet/Jacket Day approached. This day marks the beginning of the year-long activities leading up to the anticipated announcement of who wins the cup at the end of the year. “It’s going to be a good time,” said Mick Tesluck.