Miller-Maines Madness

Three generations at SEM at the same time!

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Miller-Maines Madness

Chelsea Anderson, Contributor

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Auguste Maines ’20 (daughter of Ms. Carey Miller) on this years’ Hornet Jacket Day at SEM’s Larkin Feild.

The 2017-2018 school year at Buffalo Seminary commenced with a historic bang. Three generations of the Miller/Maines women simultaneously occupy important spaces within the SEM community!

“They never questioned…They wanted to go here [SEM] since they were two-years-old.”

— Ms. Carey Miller

Mrs. Nancy Miller, Ms. Carey Miller—daughter of Nancy, and Eva and Auguste Maines (twin daughters of Carey) literally capture the meaning of family at SEM.

Mrs. Miller, who works as the Institution’s Gifts Record and Database Manager, was the first of the family to work at SEM over 25 years ago. Although Ms. Miller did not start working for SEM’s English

Ms. Carey Miller and Mrs. Nancy Miller cheer on SEM students during this years’ Hornet /Jacket Day.


Eva Maines ’20 (daughter of Ms. Miller) after sliding down the shaving cream slip-n-slide at this year’s Hornet/ Jacket Day.

Department until the 2005-2006 school year, she made frequent visits to the campus on important days. These included Hornet/ Jacket Day or during speeches like the school’s Wilkinson poet. However, visits to the campus were not Ms. Miller’s first interaction with SEM.


The Miller family lived at Larkin House on Lincoln Parkway, which was once owned by SEM and then sold in 2007: In addition, during her years in college in the 90s, Ms. Miller even completed her student teaching at SEM. Her wedding in 1998, was held at the Larkin House. Additionally, in honor of the house, Ms.Miller’s son Ethan carries the middle name “Larkin.”

As Ms. Miller said with a smile and a laugh, “My life is SEM, sadly.” When asked if she thought her family’s clear connection with SEM in any way influenced her daughter’s decision to attend this year. She replied by saying, “They never questioned…They wanted to go here [SEM] since they were two-years-old. ”

Both Eva and Auguste Maines ’21 attended Aurora Waldorf School. Eva, who does crew and is a member of SEM’s Outdoors Club said, “It [SEM] has been a great choice so far, and I’m glad we did.” Auguste, who is the goalie for SEM’s field hockey team, and recently signed up for stage crew in this year’s fall play. “I chose SEM because I had grown up going here o days off and loved how close the student-teacher relationships were and how good the food was.”

When asked if it can be overwhelming going to school with your twin sister, mom, and grandmother, Eva and Auguste had different answers. Eva said,”I really like being with my sister, mom, and grandma, and it doesn’t get too overwhelming because Auguste and I only have two classes together, and I usually only see my mom or grandma at lunch.” Auguste had another point of view. ” I love going to school and having my family here because it’s good to see them a lot and it’s fun to try to embarrass my mom.”