Message from Head of School

Dear SEM Community,

I hope you had a good long weekend filled with family. I spent wonderful time with family but, as head of school, I also spent time thinking about school security and student safety.  Be assured that our security procedures have been reviewed, refined, and we have practiced our drills to be prepared.

Yet, preparation for emergencies cannot be the focus of our response to a national tragedy which touches us all.  To this end, I have joined with several other heads of school from independent schools across New York State to make our voices heard.  We are collectively signing a letter and beginning a campaign calling upon our legislators, our president, and other school leaders to take action now.  As educators, responsible for the education, safety, and welfare of our students we cannot sit back and allow gun violence to threaten our schools.  Our laws need to change, and we are ready to help make this happen.

It is my hope that the SEM community can find a way to join the effort to prevent another heartbreaking tragedy in our nation’s schools.  I will keep you informed of any initiatives at SEM and welcome your thoughts.


Helen L. Marlette