Liz Lewin ’05 and Hannah Buehler ’08 Visit SEM

Gave the annual Adsit Lecture.

Hannah Buehler, retired History teacher Harry Schooley, English teacher Ben Joplin, Liz Lewin and SEM alumnae liason Betsy Bloom ’08.
Hannah Buehler ’08

On Wednesday, April 19, two graduates, Liz Lewin ’05 and Hannah Buehler ’08, visited SEM to discuss their career paths in the field of journalism for the Adsit Lecture series, which brings successful alumni to speak at SEM.

Liz reported and produced the Buffalo State College athletic team’s news.  She graduated from Fordham, receiving a BA in Communication and Media Studies.

Hannah graduated from Southern Illinois University, and also received a BA in Communication and Media Studies.  She worked for the Buffalo Bills, and was awarded the Medaille College 2017 Excellence in Journalism award.

Now, both Liz and Hannah work at Channel 7, and came to share their passion of journalism with the SEM community. Betsy Bloom ’08, who was a classmate of Hannah’s arranged this year’s Adsit Lecture and she gave opening introduction.

“It was cool to see recent graduates from SEM that are so successful and passionate in their field.  I really felt inspired by their willingness to turn their passion into reality,”said  Iliana Lukasik ’17.

Liz and Hannah reflected on their time at SEM — from how their teachers influenced them to how they remember choreographing Hornet/Jacket dances.  They discussed how SEM had made them more confident and gave them the foundation they needed to become successful in a male dominated career.

They advised current SEM students to take advantage of everything that their future has to offer by networking with people through internships.  Some of the internships have helped to land them their current careers.

“I saw Liz on the news this morning,” said Maddy Leary ’17.  “I appreciated her enthusiasm.  She gave lots of helpful insig

Liz Lewin ’05

hts on life after SEM, and how important SEM has been to building the foundation of her life.”