Lauren Pollina ’17 Wins Writing Prize at Duquesne U.

Lauren Pollina ’17, a recent SEM Weekly reporter, was awarded Duquesne University’s Thomas Edison Award, given to those who embody his quote, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” 

This summer, Lauren spent the five weeks at Duquesne in classes from 9:15 am-4:00 pm with a lab every night from 7-9 pm. In her UCOR 101 English class she was challenged every week to write a new five-page paper based on topics selected by class vote. She finished with an A- in the class but the best part came not from the grade. “My English professor said that I was the most prepared freshman he’s ever seen!”

Lauren wrote her SEM English teachers, “I’m sharing this with you because I wouldn’t  have received this award without the challenges and curriculum that SEM is known for. My most noteworthy writing piece was based off of something that makes SEM special – its diversity. I argued that multiculturalism in a classroom is a crucial aspect in the growth and success of an average American high school student.” This piece may be published at Duquesne in the coming semester.

This fall, Lauren is going to apply to become a writing tutor at Duquesne. She said she’s motivated because her professor said he was impressed by her editing skills.

“I just wanted to thank you all for pushing me past my limits in order for me to be successful,” Lauren wrote to her teachers, ” I am so happy that your support helped me decide to spend most of my summer at Duquesne. I am so grateful that I picked Duquesne!”

With an offer to show SEM applicants around when they’re applying to college, she said, “It’s truly a special place just like SEM.”


Lauren Pollina ’17 wins the “Thomas Edison” writing prize at Duquesne University, August 2017.