SEM Collecting Now for Puerto Rico

Deadline is Oct. 5


Grace Heidinger , Contributor

It was only a few weeks ago when Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico on Sept. 20 and destroyed neighborhoods, homes, and families. People who were affected by the hurricane are left with very little resources and are in need of any help they can get. That is where the SEM community will come into play. “It’s an all hands on deck approach,” said Kyle Hopkins, community service board advisor.

The Community Service Board is sponsoring a donation drive for Puerto Rico this week. Thursday, October 5 at 3:30 PM, Mrs. Hopkins and Mrs. Vaquero, mother of Natalia ’18, Sophia ’19 and Gabriella ’21, will drop SEM’s donations at the Belle Center on Maryland St. to be combined with other collections.

A house in Puerto Rico destroyed from the hurricane

Newspapers and news stories have been filled with the heartbroken stories covering the hurricane that struck Puerto Rico a few weeks ago. Many are injured and left with nowhere to live, left with no power and are struggling to survive. “It’s a horrible situation. Nobody deserves to go through what they are going through right now. I have family there and I just got in contact with them a few days ago and it must be an unsettling feeling not knowing if your family is safe or not, ” said Natalia Vaquero ’18.

“I think the entire situation is entirely tragic and I have so much sympathy who are trapped in the poor conditions. I think the stance that the government is taken on it is pitiful. They are US Citizens and they should be treated as such,” said Julia Beck ’20.

There are donation centers located throughout the city of Buffalo that will be collecting donations and transporting the items to Puerto Rico. Friday, October 6 is the final date the centers are accepting donations before a military plane leaves for Puerto Rico.

The Community Service Board is looking for 100% participation from our community. A few canned goods or a case of water can go a long way!

What is needed: 

  • Water
  • Flashlights 
  • D batteries 
  • Candles and matches 
  • Canned goods
  • Old-fashioned can openers 
  • Baby diapers, wipes, and cases of formula
  • Feminine hygiene products