First Game in America

3 SEM students find a ping-pong tournament at 43 North.


Erin Kelly

Chris, Shannon and Betty arrived with their own rackets putting the crowd on notice.

Chris Wu, Contributor

Tuesday, October 25, 43North hosted a ping-pong tournament at the 500 Seneca St. Building. Three residential students, Betty ’18, Shannon ’19 and this reporter went to play.

Betty is an experienced ping-pong player from Korea. Betty is teaching both Shannon and Chris (who are from China) to play and hopes to found a ping-pong club at SEM.

Ms. Kelly drove the three students to the 500 Seneca Building by 5:30 P.M. and the game started at 6 P.M.

Before it started the emcee announced “we might as well just give the trophies to the SEM girls now,” after only seeing them practice.

All three girls won their first rounds. Both Shannon and Chris lost their second ones. Betty won against an American man 11-5 at in her second match.

Betty (in SEM red) warms-up with Shannon.
Reporter Chris Wu won her first round.

Betty reached the semis after beating Mrs. Marlette’s son, Peter, 11-1 in the quarterfinal. Betty was matched against another American man in the semifinal.

People were all attracted to her games and came together to watch the semifinal.”Betty was phenomenal at the ping-pong tournament. It was so fun to watch her in her element,” said Kacie Mills. Eva Cunningham and Mrs. Marlette also came to watch the competition.

Betty draws a crowd in the semi-finals.
Betty draws a crowd in the semi-finals.

In the semifinal, Betty showed her amazing ping-pong skills. Though she lost 21-20, she said she had a great time. “It was my first time to go to a competition in America. I was very nervous but I thought it was very fun,” she said.