Final Hurrah for the Field Hockey Seniors at Larkin Field


Field hockey seniors took on their final field hockey game at Larkin Field against Sacred Heart on Wednesday, September 27. Passionate fans filled the home stands in support of the team’s last home game of the season. After a hard fought 60 minutes, the team suffered a tough loss with a final score of 7-0.

Bridget Conboy ’19 and Ellie Cleary ’18

The sound of stick taps is barely heard over the loud fan section cheering, “Go SEM!”  Despite the score on the scoreboard, the team battled for a straight 60 minutes and put forth their best effort throughout the game. As the final seconds ticked down on the clock, the players fought to get their last shots in. As the buzzer went off, the players ran down the field to hug their goalie, Olivya Hogan ’19. The fans continued to cheer the team on as they closed out their final home game of the season. ” I wanted to win so bad so I think it was tough losing your last home game, but I thought the team played well with each other,” said Ellie Cleary ’18.


Moriah Daniels ’18 and Tess Rine ’18 share a laugh following the game

Following the game, the team gathered in a corner of Larkin Field along with their supporters. The light was now on the seniors as the rest of the team prepared to give their senior speeches. Coach Leigh kicked off the speeches by reflecting on the season thus far and the past four seasons with the eight seniors. Nothing but touching words spilled from the teammate’s mouths when describing the seniors. “Honestly every day with them is fun. I don’t know if I have a favorite memory. Each senior brings something different to the table so we’re constantly laughing,” said Kailyn Lane ’19. “All in all, I have gotten really close with all four (Moriah Daniels, Nia Ellis, Kai Ellis and Tess Rine) of you within this past month. Our group chat with Lily Hamlet is something I look forward to daily,” she added. Tears filled the senior’s eyes, in particular, Moriah Daniels, as they heard the kind words their teammates had to say about them and team memories.

After an emotional way to end the evening, hugs were shared amongst the team. “Even though your senior game is super early it is still sad to think that next year you guys won’t be around,” said Kailyn Lane. “Since it was our last home game, I really tried to take everything in and it was kind of emotional. I was out in the middle of the field and during the middle of the game, I just stopped for a second to look around to take it all in because it’s the last time I will play a game on Larkin Field,” said senior Ellie Cleary.

Top Row: Moriah Daniels, Ellie Cleary, Kai Ellis, Nia Ellis, Coach Leigh and Zoe Galarneau. Bottom Row: Tess Rine, Cara DeRose, and Rose McDonnell