Fall Sports Recap

A run through of results and recaps of the fall sports season.


Jenna Al-Naji, Student Writer/Editor

Yet another fall season of sports at SEM has ended and it was a good one. SEM athletes, determined as always, played their best with many Red-Tailed Hawk teams reaching championships. During the fall season, students have the ability to be a part of soccer, field hockey, cross country, crew, sailing, swimming or golf.

SEM soccer, one of the larger sportTeam picture 2016 soccer Red-Tailed Hakss teams, had a total of 19 players form all different grade levels. The freshmen on the team were Sara Alraziqi, Alessandra Celotto, Emma Donovan, Eloïse Fisher, Lily Johnson, Samantha Kane and Anna Schultz. The sophomores were Erin Griffis, Rory Hannon, Alicia Land, Nicole Nobrega, Sophia Vaquero and Malena Weber. The only junior on the team was Natalia Vaquero and the seniors were Grace Cloherty, Sophie Mielnicki, Jade Johnson, Leah Kramer and Clare von Simson.

The SEM Soccer team worked very hard to make it as far as they did. Fortunately, with all of their hard work and dedication, they made it to the championships and defeated Cardinal O’ Hara 2-1 in overtime to become the Monsignor Martin High School Athletic Association Class B Champions. This is something unusual to the SEM community because it was the team’s first time winning since the year 2000.

“Winning the championship was amazing because it hasn’t happened at SEM for nearly 15 years and winning as a senior was just a great note to end my SEM Soccer career on,” said co-captain Sophie Mielnicki. Co-captain and goalie Grace said winning the championships was “weird.” ” I think part of me knew it had to happen, but it was still unbelievable when it did.” Awards were given to Sophie, Erin, Sophia and Nicole because they earned First Team Division C.

Although the team made it to the end, the process could get hard at times. It could get challenging when the team had to rearrange positions on the field because of injuries, like that of Erin Griffis, which was the most notable injury, according to Sophie. “Erin broke her collarbone the second time we played Cardinal O’Hara during the regular season, but as a team we overcame the challenge.” The final score of the season was 7 wins, 2 losses and 1 tie. If you are thinking about joining the SEM soccer team in the future, remember Grace’s advice, “Never give up, never underestimate yourself or your team, never take your teammates for granted, and never try to get out of anything Coach Jill tells you to do. She will just make you do more of it.”

Varsity Field Hockey had a rough season only winning one of 9 total games. However, this did not stop the 19 hardworking players from trying their best. The team was made up of juniors Gabrielle Cleary, Moriah Daniels, Cara DeRose, Kai Ellis, Nia Ellis, Zoe Galarneau, Charlotte Long, Rose McDonnell and Tess Rine. The seniors were Emily Bulan, Sara Caywood, Caroline Dunbar, Grace Gallagher, Hannah Garis, Dabin Han, Emily Marie Jimenez, Lauren Pollina, Lara Sherris and Lysette Vazquez.field-hockey

Captains Grace and Hannah both agreed that one of the biggest challenges the team faced was communication on and off the field, However all throughout the season they worked on this and by their last game they overcame this challenge and won their first game.

If you intend to join the Field Hockey team in the future remember Hannah’s advice. “Don’t worry so much about winning or losing. Focus on becoming a better team, a team that is able to bond and be comfortable with each other. We were so focused on winning that we became single minded. Once we were able to see that we are all one team working toward the same goal, it worked. It’s not about the winning every game, it’s about playing with the team that becomes your second family.”

Cross Country gained a few new runners compared to last year who also has a great passion for running like the veteran runners. This year there was 10 girls on the team which included girls from all classes. The freshman were Alyssa Anderson, Georgia Bontempo, and Maggie xcMcCulloch. The sophomores were Zoe Knauss and Mary Leslie. The juniors were Tessa Covella and Julianna Scaccia and the seniors were Samantha Burlow, Amanda Lee and Iliana Lukasik.

Co-captain with Samantha Burlow, Amanda Lee believes the team improved greatly since the beginning of the season and some runners like Zoe and Maggie had an outstanding season. Zoe ran herself right into the top 5 and set a new personal best and school record at championships of 20:24. She qualified for the state federation meet on November 19. Maggie has improved her time at almost every race and along with the majority of the team, improved or passed her personal best time.

Amanda said, “The team’s biggest challenge was finding the right pace and not going out too fast. The newcomers had a harder time figuring it out and would burn themselves out in the first mile.” They were able to overcome this by listening to the coach and figuring out when to slow down or speed up.

Varsity Crew had a total of 19 members from all different grade levels. The freshman on the team were Catherine Asiedu, Rae Griffin-Lewitzky, Journey Hairston, Emma Hammel, Jillian Nassivera, Fiona Regan, and Sydni Winters. The sophomorefall_crew_2016s included Krissy Borowiak, Anya Casey, Isabel Finkbeiner and Carolina Hannon. The juniors were Maggie Rose Bontempo, Katherine Kraft and Melanie Tunkey and the seniors were Brooke Gannon, Anya Roy, Fatima Siddiqui, Brook Sillart and Christina Siragusa.

The crew team veterans and coaches trained a lot of new girls so they had a great novice season. Co-captains Fatima Siddiqui and Anya Roy both agreed that it was great to have many freshman signup. Size is a key advantage for a crew team and according to Fatima. “The biggest challenge that we had to overcome was competing against teams that are much larger than us that have equipment which is new and updated and other advantages that come with being a larger team.”

Anya hopes to have more people join the team for the spring season and hopes to get participation from all grades. If you are thinking about joining in the future, remember Fatima’s advice. “Come and try the sport, it’s a lot of work but it makes the wins all that much more worth it.”

Varsity Sailing had a total of 10 sailors from all the classes. The freshman included Julia Beck and Elissa Szymczak and the sophomorsailinges were Grace Cannon and Madeline Love. The juniors included Sydney Adams, Mackenzie Beck, Molly Doyle, and Jacqueline Schanzlin and the seniors were Kyra Fogg and Katie McClenahan.

The sailing team improved overall as a team, with a new members that enlarged the team and became more dedicate to the sport. Co-captains Sydney and Katie both agree that the new members adjusted quickly and the high point of the season was qualifying for the MASSA (MidAtlantic Scholastic Sailing Association) fall Silver Championship Race in Maryland. Compared to last year, the team was able to compete in many more regattas because they had higher placings. If you plan to sail in the future remember this piece of advice from Sydney: “Be ready for any weather because we will go out as long as there is any kind of wind. Snow, rain, shine, the apocalypse; as long as there is no lightning.”

The Varsity Swimming team had a total of 15 swimmers from all grades. The freshmen included Sophie Fogel, Katie Gareis, Mags Ingalls, Jessica Napier, Ariana Nieves and Erin Tesluk. The sophomores were Emily Felong, Brigid Navagh and Katherine Nebbia. The only junior was Sarah Hamdan and the seniors were Emily Broxup, Alison Gareis, Alexandra Kansem_swim_teame, Olivia Miller and Elisaveta Nedkova.

According to co-captain Alison, compared to last year the team has greatly improved mostly because they can actually compete with other teams. The team may have lost all of their meets but they still worked as hard as they could and swam great.

One of the biggest challenges the team faced was “being small, but we overcame that by working hard and cheering each other on,” said Alison. During championships, Mick came in first in the IM (individual medley) with a great time. According to Alison, good advice for future swimmers would be, “work hard and have fun!”

This year, Varsity Swimming had two new coaches, Amanda Gareis (’14) and Anya Arzaga. Swimmer Emily Broxup said, “Amanda and Anya were amazing coaches for SEM swimming this season. A lot of us knew Amanda and were excited to have her back as a coach, and Anya proved to be an excellent coach as well. They both held high expectations for us and pushed us to do our best all season, leading us to a few wins at championships.”

The Varsity Golf team had a total of 11 golfers from freshman, sophomores and juniors. The freshmen included Alexandra Galbraith and the only sophomore was Deanna Abdellatif. The juniors make up the majority of team with Shelby Kmidowski, Yixgolfuan Li, Shangqi Lyu, Gianna Pezzino, Madison Rich, Clare Sharkey, Ella Tolomeo and Mengcheng Yu.

The team collectively improved throughout the season, even though they only ended up winning 1 game the whole season. This was a big accomplishment because it hadn’t happened since four years before. Captain Shelby explained that the team’s “biggest challenge of our team is the lack of experience. A lot of other girls at other schools train and play golf outside of school where at SEM, most girls do not. Playing in matches or coming to practice daily is a really good way to build up skills to compete against more experienced players.”