Donate Life Team Urges a Conversation About Organ Donation

Teaching about organ donation for community service week.

Dear Parents,

Throughout this week your daughter has been listening to speakers and students about the positive impacts of organ donation. SEM’s Donate Life Team asks that you start a family conversation about becoming (or not becoming) an organ donor.

When someone passes away, it is often left to the family to decide whether or not their organs are donated. This can be a tough decision for someone who just lost their loved one. The Donate Life Team understands that death is a hard conversation but we hope you will. There are donor registration cards at school in the front office and on the piano in the gallery.

Also, you can also easily register online here. Please note that registering as an organ donor on your license is not enough; it does not enroll you in the electronic statewide registry which hospitals and procurement organizations use. By taking a few seconds to register as a donor you are saving lives and giving legal consent to donate your organs to someone whose life depends on it. You may also specify what exact organs you wish to donate.

For more information:,-eye-and-tissue-donor

If you have any other questions feel free to contact me, Lauren Pollina ’17 by email at [email protected] or Mrs. Kyle Hopkins at [email protected].