Come One and All to Play SEM Spring Sports!

Sneak peak at the spring sports at SEM


Catherine McClenahan’17 and Kyra Fogg’17 sailing at the Buffalo Yacht Club

Varsity Tennis, Varsity & JV Lacrosse, Varsity Crew, Varsity Sailing and Athletic Boot Camp (ABC) are our options!

Both Varsity and JV Lax starts on Monday, March 6.

Also on March 6, there is an information meeting for Tennis. Tennis practice starts on Tuesday, March 7.

Crew practices begin on Monday, March 6. 

Sailing team practice will begin March 27.

ABC starts after spring break on Monday, April 3.

The tennis team was undefeated in the Monsignor Martin league until tough loss to Sacred Heart late in the season. The All Catholics were held on Saturday, May 14, 2016 and Sunday May 15, 2016. Anna Fretz ’16 and Isabelle Schlehr ’17 were the 2016 Women’s Doubles Tennis Champions for the second year in a row!

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Zoey Liu ’18 was the champion of the Women’s Singles while Priya Bommaraju ’18 came in the a close second.

The team is coached by Andrea Abels and Gerry Neff. This year, the team practices Monday through Thursday with varying times at the Village Glen, Knights of Columbus and SEM. Once weather permits, tennis will practice regularly at Kenmore East High School from 4-5:30 pm. Matches are usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Priya, who played first singles during the season, said “the SEM team is great. We have very talented players. The tennis team is place where I can meet people that I otherwise would not have been as close to. I have made great friendships through the team and bonded with the girls.”

The season is going to be really great because we have a lot of new talent and returning players. It is my senior year and hope to have a great season.”

— Sam Burlow '17

Varsity and JV Lacrosse had a great last season. Varsity Lax is coached by Kevin Phengthavone and Meghan Allen. JV Lacrosse is coached by Doug Hopkins and Samantha Stone. This is a great option for a first time player to experienced player. The team practices at Knights of Columbus and SEM with varying times until the team is able to practice at Larkin Field from 4-6 pm. Games are during the week. Depending on how the team does, we could to see the league champions.

The lacrosse captain, Sam Burlow ’17 started planing her freshmen year and will go to Edinboro College for lacrosse in the fall. “Come in. Try it. You never know. You could pick it up fast. We have good coaches that will help you. Put effort in and have fun.”

Varsity Crew had a successful season last year, coached by Peggy McKendry and Kaitlyn McCleary. The team had many novice rowers who performed well during the season.

Crew practices at the Buffalo Scholastic Rowing Association (BSRA) boat house from 4-6 pm, Monday-Friday. When joining the team, everyone must pay $300 to be apply to use the BSRA facilities. When the member is participating in regattas, they must pay entrance fees and buy at least one uni. With the away regattas, the team members have to pay hotel fees. Often, the members also have the opportunity to buy splash jackets. The team has regattas on the weekend in both U.S. and Canada.

Sailing participated in multiple regattas in the spring of 2016. Practice is Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4-7 pm at the Buffalo Yacht Club.

The sailing team’s faculty liaison is Mrs. Kim Trow. When joining the team, each member must pay a $350 fee to be able to use the Buffalo Yacht Club facilities. Before buying anything, contact Mrs. Trow or a previous member of the sailing team. The team has regattas on the weekends.

ABC is an option for people who want to get great exercise but can not commit to games. ABC still is considered a sport and requires the student to go to all the “practices.” ABC is instructed by Jillian Beccue, one of SEM’s soccer coaches. ABC meets Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3:45-5 pm at SEM.

Jade Johnson ’17, a ABC regular, said “ABC is really good for getting in shape. If you are craving that nice beach body, I recommend doing it. It is very hard but it does not take that much time because it is only three days a week and is less than two hours.”

If you choose to not participate in a SEM sport, come out and support the teams!! And remember to go to U-Go-SEM.