A Senior’s Impassioned Plea for Underclassmen to Energize

Why has the sense of community been slowly dying off throughout the course of this year?

Aerin Wagner, Contributor

Dear Rising Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors:

Please do not be the generation that kills the community at SEM.

My past four years have been built on the strong sense of community that SEM values and prides itself on.  Being an incoming freshman and not knowing anyone can be terrifying, but SEM introduced you to its community right away with the freshmen picnic.  You begin to meet people and become more comfortable.  You can join clubs, sports, or the play, and share your passions with others.  The SEM community has provided us all with a foundation to fall back on when we feel lost or stressed.

What would happen if that all just one day disappeared?

Clubs have been dying as the years have gone on simply because people do not feel the need to attend meetings.  They’ll brush it off as “Oh, we’re not going to do anything today” or “I have a lot of homework to do,” and then proceed to just laugh with their friends during that lunch period.  Now, it is one thing to have a huge test in the afternoon that you really need that lunch period to study for, and if that’s the case, you should just email the club president to let them know.  However, when there are no emails or people in attendance, that’s when the club presidents begin to feel their club dying.

Speaking from personal experience, I am the president of writers’ club and during the last meeting, the only person besides myself who showed up was the vice president.  The same has happened several times for design club, and friends have reported the same dilemma in their own clubs.

I understand that life happens and sometimes you cannot attend a club meeting, and in that case, communication is essential between you and the club president.  However, to just not show up to a meeting or communicate with the president is a serious problem that needs to be addressed.  Is there something more that your club president could be doing to make you more willing to attend meetings?   If so, I highly suggest bringing it to the SGA’s attention, so that we can improve the system.

Otherwise, clubs will die at SEM, and there will be less of a chance for classes to integrate.  The community at SEM will weaken, and I don’t think any of us want that.  We only want to make it stronger, and that can start by simply showing up to the club meetings that you signed up for.


A Worried Senior